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                To register for Atlas Arteria's H1 2021 Results Presentation please click here


                Atlas Arteria / Contact us


                Contact Us

                If you have any questions about your security holder details, or wish to change your details, please contact ALX's share registry, Computershare Investor Services. 

                Computershare manages investment information, including:

                • address and tax file number details
                • payment instructions
                • distribution reinvestment plan status
                • annual report notification status
                • holding balance and history

                You can manage your investment details via Computershare's Investor Centre portal, or alternatively speak with a customer service representative by calling the numbers below. When contacting Computershare, please have your Holder Identification Number (HIN) ready, this can be found on your distribution statement.  

                For questions or comments on Atlas Arteria or our portfolio, please contact us directly:

                Contact Us
                Level 5, 141 Flinders Lane
                MELBOURNE, VIC 3000

                Stay up-to-date with the latest ALX news and announcements.


                ALX adheres to its Privacy Policy. We will retain your e-mail address in order to respond to any queries or comments you have made. We may also provide the information to ALX’s service providers for these purposes.

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