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                Investor Centre

                Welcome to the Investor Centre for Atlas Arteria which provides information for our securityholders and those considering becoming a securityholder.

                Upcoming Events

                Date Event
                Q3 2021 Toll Revenue & Traffic Statistics Update

                Securities and Distributions

                Enter the number of ALX securities you hold to calculate the total holding:

                Number of securities
                Invalid value or characters entered. Please enter whole numbers between 1 and 999999.



                Updates to the current security price may be delayed or affected by certain network factors. ALX does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or currency of the value displayed or for the reliability of any share value calculation.

                ALX distributions

                ALX commenced payment of dividends/distributions in April 2013 and has since provided security holders with a growing distribution profile. The potential for payment of a dividend/distribution is assessed by the boards every six months as cash is received by ALX from its portfolio businesses.

                MIG Distributions

                Details of distributions paid by MIG from the date of listing to the date of restructure into Intoll and ALX are set out below:

                Contact ALX Investor Relations

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