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                Atlas Arteria's approach to sustainability

                As a global infrastructure developer, owner and operator we manage our business for the long-term. Understanding how sustainability challenges may impact our operations and portfolio is important for us to build a resilient strategy. 

                Approach to Sustainability

                At Atlas Arteria, we focus on creating long term value for our stakeholders, from investors and customers to employees and communities. As an integral part of this, we embed responsible and sustainable business practices.

                Our Sustainability Framework is focussed on four priority areas that inform our strategy and approach: safety; customers and community; our people; and the environment. These represent the most significant environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities now facing our business, as well as the topics of greatest importance to our stakeholders.

                The priorities are underpinned by a set of four “business fundamentals” that enable us to fulfil our future potential for growth. These are: good governance; an ethical culture; an emphasis on sustainable growth; and keeping abreast of technology and other innovations.

                Sustainability Framework

                Sustainability Reports

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