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                ASIC Regulatory Guide 231 – Infrastructure entities: Improving disclosure for retail investors

                ASIC Regulatory Guide 231 – Infrastructure entities: Improving disclosure for retail investors has set out the following benchmark and disclosure principle requirements for infrastructure entities. A full copy of the ASIC guide can be found on the ASIC website. Atlas Arteria’s disclosure against those benchmarks and principles is set out below.

                The infrastructure entity, Atlas Arteria (ALX), is a dual stapled vehicle. ALX comprises Atlas Arteria Limited (ACN 141 075 201) (ATLAX), an Australian public company, and Atlas Arteria International Limited (Registration No. 43828) (ATLIX), an exempted mutual fund company incorporated in Bermuda. ALX is listed as a stapled structure on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The securities of ATLAX and ATLIX are stapled and must trade and otherwise be dealt with together.

                Each of ALX’s toll road assets has its own management team.


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